Getting To Know Mr. Hauser

Cassidy Susi, Reporter

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Mr. Hauser is not only a principal who cares about students, but he can also can relate to them. He says that as a high schooler, he loved to have fun, but knew where to draw the line. He was a Boy Scout and took all honors classes. Additionally, Mr. Hauser was a scholar athlete and played football and track at the same high school as Ms. Moger. 

Not only does Mr. Hauser relate to students through his own school experience, he also has two kids of his own, one is a freshman in Madison. He has coached his sons in soccer and baseball. He also used to coach high school track. Besides teens, Mr. Hauser enjoys spending time with his wife, who is a vet, and loves animals, including his two dogs.

Mr. Hauser worked his way up to being the principal. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina, his Master’s at Sacred Heart University, and his Sixth Year degree in Education at the University of Connecticut. He began his rise to principal as an English teacher, and before that he was a reporter. He describes himself as someone who feels the need to improve things and leave them better than he found them, which allowed him to naturally enjoy teaching. He eventually became an assistant principal until he was hired at here. 


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