New History Classes At WHS

Jessica Cochran, Reporter

There will be a new curriculum coming for the history department at Waterford High School. This change will start two years from now, with the exception of one class, which will be starting next year. The classes will be more updated.


The new class that will be an option for next year will be AP Government. AP government will be offered next year because that is a class expected to be ready at that time. Mr. Cheney explained “I want to give the seniors an opportunity to take that class before they leave.”


Mr. Cheney and Mrs. Hesch are writing the new curriculum, which will make up of 15 new, updated history classes. Some of the classes will be the same and others will be brand new. Mr. Cheney also said “every seven years, the department changes, new courses are offered, and the curriculum is updated.”


The new classes that will be written into the curriculum will include AP Government and Politics, Economics, Afican American and Latino Studies, and Mr. Ash is offering “UConn ECE 1300 Ancient Western Traditions.” Mr. Cheney added, “Students will also be mandated to take Modern World History after Early Modern World History in their sophomore year.” The rest of the curriculum will remain the same. 


Waterford High School is expecting to have some changes in the history department over the next few years. Some classes will be brand new that Waterford High School has never had before. Or even just improving the curriculum to make it more updated.