Eudy Game

Emerson Lane, Sports Editor

Every year since the 2013 volleyball season Waterford High School has hosted a dig green night versus Ledyard in honor of Josh Eudy. Josh Eudy was a history teacher here at WHS, and part of the volleyball program since the start in 2006. In 2006 he started off as an assistant varsity coach, in 2010 he advanced to the head coach position. During the 2013 season Eudy was diagnosed with stage four colon, lymph node, and liver cancer. We lost Eudy on Christmas day during that 2013 season. Every year since WHS has dedicated one game, as our dig green game to honor him. The volleyball girls wear unique jerseys during this game with a green ribbon on the sleeve, with green libero jerseys. The gym is decorated with green balloons, streamers, posters, and photos of Coach Eudy. This game includes a ceremony where past players and teachers who have been in the presence of him have reminisced and passed on his memory. During the game the volleyball girls contribute a bake sale to help raise money for the funds of the scholarship. This scholarship is given out to one senior volleyball player and a senior who plans to major in history that have the highest GPA. This year the volleyball team has managed to raise $700 in funds and took the win versus Ledyard in 3 sets only.