The Easiest DIY Gifts This Season

The Easiest DIY Gifts This Season

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

Looking for a great gift for friends or family on a budget? Or do you simply prefer the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift?

Regardless, these simple gift ideas are both cheap and a genuine display of affection during this Christmas season. Since we all know how much time high school takes up on your schedules, we’ve scoured the Web for some of the easiest DIY gifts that are a surefire way to make a person’s day, while still giving you time for your day.

SNOWGLOBECotton Snow Globe Trinket

A festive vignette perfect for a dull living room. Simply paint the outside of an old Mason jar or glass bottle with white paint to symbolize falling snow. Then, fill with cotton balls and trinkets in order to capture a wintery scene. Feel free to tie a bow around the rim or attach a sentimental message.



TEA CANDLESTea Tin Candles

Both a great way to recycle and a great present that would awaken the Bohemian within anyone, these tea tin candles serve as both aesthetically pleasing and functional. After you finish a tin, you can simply pour candle wax into it and insert a wick. For pros: go ahead and add a fragrance using essential oils.




Mason Lid Coasters

This rustic approach to the traditional coaster will surely brighten up your home this Christmas. Start by placing a lid upside down on cork shelf liner, then trace around the lid in order to determine how much cork you will need. Cut out the cork circle, place it inside the jar, and you’re done! You can also stamp the cork in order to get a unique design.



Brooch Magnets

Turn mom’s old, unwanted jewelry into quirky refrigerator magnets! By attaching a magnet to the back of each piece using super glue, you can easily transform unwanted charms into beautiful stocking stuffers.




“Lump of Coal” Rice Krispy Treats

For any naughty boys and girls out there, this treat bag sure makes a humorous statement. Take ¼ cup of butter and melt it over the stove, slowly adding in 10.5 ounces of mini marshmallows. After everything is melted, add black icing color and stir in four cups of Rice Krispies cereal until a ball forms. Mold small handfuls into wonky shapes, place your creation in a bag or box, and decorate with bows or a funny tag.



Spa In A Jar

Spa Sample Jar

Moms, sisters, and girlfriends alike will love this miniature pamper pack. Add whatever mini cosmetics you can find, or make them yourself (We recommend scrubs, cleansers, lotions, mini candles, or nail polishes just to name a few.) Once your spa jar is filled, add a bow and tag or, if you want to get fancy, you can decorate the lid with glitter.