David Bowie: More Than Just A Musician


David Bowie with his wife, supermodel Iman.

Bowie released his last studio album "Blackstar", his 25th studio album, on his 69th birthday, two days before his death. The "Lazarus" video is considered eerie a phophetic by most critics. Video by VEVO

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

With his eternal legacy and seemingly ageless presence, millions of fans must have thought he was immortal. However, once again, pop icon David Bowie surprised us all with his sudden death this Sunday after secretly suffering from liver cancer for 18 months.

Clearly, the passing of our dearest Ziggy Stardust shocked the world, but what else would we expect of Bowie? After almost four decades of surprising the public with some boundary-breaking fashion or self-presentation, it is obvious that Bowie was going to go out in an event that would surprise the public even more. The exotic and artistic vibes that Bowie radiated reached people all over the globe, including our small town of Waterford, where many Bowie fans reside, young and old.

In the wake of his death, we decided to interview students and teachers to see what the infamous David Bowie really meant to them, and to show how influential he was to all walks of life.

Ziggy Stardust, one Bowie's most iconic persona's, came from Bowie's fifth studio album.
Ziggy Stardust, one Bowie’s most iconic persona’s, came from Bowie’s fifth studio album.

Were you shocked by Bowie’s death?

“Yeah, I didn’t even know he was suffering from cancer.” -Brighton McShane, junior

“It completely surprised me.” -Ms. Thibeau, staff

“Yes, I wasn’t expecting it at all.” -Avery Collet, sophomore

How did Bowie’s music affect you?

“I wasn’t alive during his peak, but his daringness and confidence to break the mold really helped me grow as an artist.” -Matthew McKinzie, junior

“It opened me up to a broader version of music and helped my mom and I bond. It’s really cool to see how music can affect multiple generations.” -Isabel Cavalieri, junior

“One of the first songs I ever sang to was ‘Space Oddity’ and it’s very special to know that someone so powerful was the first artist I sang along to.” -Diana Rice, junior

Would you say this generation of students is losing touch with authentic music?

“Yes, but I don’t think we realize it.” -Connor Guilfoil, freshman

“I think that’s pretty self explanatory. Our generation doesn’t know what real music is. None of the artists these days have any feelings about their music.” -Katie Kogut, senior

Do you think Bowie was an influence on your generation?

“Yes, he showed us that being a man does not mean violence and anger.” -Diana Rice, junior

“I think he shaped our generation’s music with his influence.” -Ryan Jones, junior

Do you believe his legacy will live on?

“Oh yeah, mainly because he influenced so many other artists and supported so many different groups.” -Mr. Cadorette, staff

“Of course. There are so many people that love him and are willing to pass on his music. There’s no way it won’t live on.” -Sasha Amodeo, senior