Grease: Live on Fox TV This Weekend


Kayla Turpin, Reporter

This Sunday, January 31st, Fox TV is putting on a live production of Grease. For those of you who don’t know, Grease is a classic musical based in the 50’s. It tells the tale of the innocent and pure Sandy Olsen, who moved to Rydell High School, and falls in love with the bad boy, Danny Zuko. It also shows the trials and tribulations high school students faced back in the 50’s, such as gangs and relationships.

This live production is directed by Thomas Kail. They also have a brand new cast starring Julianne Hough as Sandy Olsen, Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko, and Vanessa Hudgens as Betty Rizzo. Keke Palmer and Carly Rae Jepsen also join the cast as Marty and Frenchy.

The TV adaptation will have all the old, much loved songs, along with some new additions. Jessie J will be singing the theme song for the musical (“Grease is the Word”), and other bands will be featured throughout as well. There will also be new dance moves choreographed by Zach Woodlee. The actors and staff have been working hard on this production since the idea popped up in 2014.  

Now that it’s finally here, everybody is getting ready to throw on their pajamas, grab some popcorn and see what this talented crew has done with a well loved musical. Carolyn Keatley, a sophomore here, said “I’m probably the most excited to see Vanessa Hudgens playing someone other than her role as Gabriella, from High School Musical.”

Playing someone whose character is totally opposite of Gabriella’s will be a big change of pace for Hudgens. She confessed in an interview to People magazine that she used to see herself as Sandy. However, now that she’s gotten used to the role of the “bad girl,” she’s excited. Hudgens said, “I mean, [Rizzo is] such an amazing part. Now that I’m older, I’m like, oh my God. She’s tough. She’s got grit.”

So the countdown begins! Everyone will be waiting to see what it will be like. Of course, it is a live broadcast, so you never know what could happen.