A Career In Digital Arts

Paige Ferreira, Reporter

Technological advances over the past years have made the works of digital based art more popular. Art has always been a large part of our society, and with a more advertiser friendly world, it is everywhere. 

What is Digital Art?

Unlike a traditional artist who uses a medium (oils, charcoal, etc), a digital artist has a large range of tools or equipment. There are different software and equipment choices for the artist. It is like any other type of art, just with a wide range of digital tools rather than the more traditional supplies. 

Artists can use digital art to make similar pieces to traditional art. Using a computer to create art can be less expensive and more efficient. With fewer materials and quick work, digital creating is an inexpensive way to express yourself. Once you have the software and a computer, you will be all set. No worries about running out of your medium. 

Different softwares with tools can be used to make the process easier to work. Nothing is permanent with an undo button, mistakes can easily be fixed. Photoshop and Procreate are the two most known programs. Photoshop is more well known, commonly used on computers. The software has a wide variety of tools to work with. With different filters, brushes, layers, and effects, photoshop is a more advanced software to use. All Adobe programs do come with a price, currently it is $9.99 a month. Older versions could be bought with no subscription for a higher price. 

To make drawing easier, artists will buy a tablet to connect to their computer. Tablets have pens that make it possible for the artist to draw like you would on paper. One of the more well known brands is Wacom, these tablets come in different sizes and prices. 

Procreate is an app designed for doing digital art. While Photoshop can be used for editing, graphic design, and art. Procreate is specifically used for art. Unlike Photoshop, Procreate is only available in the app store. The app is $9.99, no subscription. Users would need an ipad and digital pen to use the app. 

There are free alternatives to these softwares, such as IBS Paint and GIMP. But it is recommended to invest your money into using good software. 

Digital Art and Graphic Design Careers

From animation to advertisement to designing, a digital arts or graphic design degree gives you many potential career paths.   

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer uses art and photos to create visual pieces. A graphic designer does a range of jobs, depending on the company. Advertising, logos, magazines, marketing materials, and more are all things graphic designers create. Your job as a graphic designer is to create great visuals for your client. 


Many graphic design careers fall under the category of marketing and advertising. Graphic Designers and Marketing specialists work hand and hand. They use the degree to create strategies and marketing attempts. 


Animators work on more complex graphics to create moving images. They must think of story developments and visual impact. Many brands use animations to promote themselves. Your work could be found in many different projects, from mainstream media to simple advertisements. 


A Freelancer works by themselves to independently create for a client. You are your own boss for this job as you create pieces for a single client. A designer can build their way up starting with freelancing, or just use it as a side job to get extra money.  

Graphic Design in Connecticut

There are many schools and programs in Connecticut to get your graphic design degree. Paier College of Art Inc is one strong example. Located in Hamden, this is a great school close to home. 

Paier offers Graphic Design and Photography programs. With many courses, such as computer animation, web design, digital painting, and more, there is no limit for your creative side. Paier offers a lot for all of the different careers somebody with a digital arts degree could go.

Waterford High School offers art classes for students, one of which is Digital Art and Design. Jaclyn Bono currently teaches the class. In the class you learn how to use Photoshop and Indesign, as well as many of the elements of digital art. When asked why she liked graphic design she explained, “Graphic design is also a growing profession with the ever evolving world of social media. More companies are finding the need to advertise digitally over the internet in order to reach a wider audience.” 

Lisa Bono, a graphic designer originally from Connecticut explained her interests in the subject. Bono went to Southern Connecticut and majored in communications, with a focus on video production. She currently works as a graphic designer for a financial group in Massachusetts. She makes graphics for market sales. She often makes business cards, flyers, banners, and more. 

When asked what she likes about her job, she explained, “I like that my job is different every day. I’m always working on new materials and how to creatively approach marketing materials.”  Bono went on to say, “Humans are very visual and want to see information presented in a nice way.”


Graphic Design is a career that many aspiring creators may want to go into. With an always changing industry, a digital career might be the right way to go. With this career you get to help others with their own businesses or create your own art.