A Playlist for 2020

March 2020

The start of March 2020 was confusing and scary, a lot of unknown answers about the novel Covid-19 virus, which was starting to circulate around the United States. A song to describe the start of March is Supalonely by BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton. This song has a good beat with sad lyrics, which is mirrored in the feelings about March 2020; a lot of us had positivity with confused and nervous thoughts about what our future with this virus would look like. This song circulated around the radio and various social media platforms. With most of us following lockdown guidelines, listening to this song on repeat was a must in order to pass the time. 

April 2020

At this time of the year, the ideas about Covid deepened. A lot of people weren’t able to go out or see friends. A song to describe the events in April is When Will I See You Again by Shakka. This song’s chorus states “You know, you know I’ll see you again” which correlates to the summary of what everyone was thinking during this time: when can we see people again? The effects of quarantine we’re starting to come in full-effect… restaurants and businesses were closing, Covid cases started to skyrocket, masks started to become required everywhere. It felt as if everyone was in a dream or an alternate reality, something so unfamiliar which felt like there was no end in sight until people could intermingle again.

May 2020

Despite following Covid protocol and adjusting to a new reality, a song to describe May 2020 is Great Summer by Vance Joy. This song describes the idea of summer approaching with good intentions. A lot of us were still acclimating to wearing masks and remaining socially distanced from people we know and love. The idea of summer coming right around the corner excited us, especially after being locked in the house for a few months at this time.

June 2020

With summer now arriving, This Is the Life by Two Door Cinema Club sets the vibe of the warm weather and vacation into full-force. This song sounds like it belongs in a restaurant on the beach, kicking back and laying in the sun. At this time, many were just ready for a break from all of the scary chain of events from Covid. 

July 2020

By this month, people started to become acclimated on how to have summer fun without Covid scares. Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun sets the tone for July 2020, as this month has been the closest to somewhat normalcy since March. As we all remained socially distanced and wearing masks, it was a lot easier to have fun.

August 2020

The uncertainty of what the future school year had to offer, The Weekend (Radio Edit) by Michael Gray with a catchy beat kept the positive summer mindset thriving. Many of us used this summer to go to the beach, see a few friends and family members, and engage in fun activities all while being Covid-safe. The adjustments to the pandemic started to become normal and expected.

September 2020

New beginnings started this month with Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles allows students to get used to the new expectations in school. Now having to wear masks, socially distance, and be split-up via groups of last names is now what the future of school will look like for the coming years. This song gives off positive vibes, where positivity was a priority at the beginning of this school year.

November 2020

This month was stressful for everyone. Covid cases were surging higher every day, seniors were finishing up applications for college, and the holidays were near. Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie summarizes the month of November perfectly, many were under pressure with stress and fear of the unknown and the awareness of our surroundings. 

December 2020

The year of 2020 was hard for everyone. The best way to describe the past year is Happiest Year by Jaymes Young, even though we are living through a lot of devastating history, 2020 has taught us a lot. We adapted to living in a pandemic, started protesting for racial justice and equality, rallied for sports games and education, and more. This song by Jaymes Young allows all of that weight of stress and upset from this year to be lifted. The future’s looking bright and a positive mindset will allow us to move forward through this.

January 2021

New year, new President Joe Biden, and new vaccine. The start of 2021 allowed the idea of new changes for the future of this year. The Difference by Flume ft. Toro y Moi gives off a catchy and upbeat song to keep serotonin soaring. This year is opening up to more opportunities to eliminate Covid. The adaptations to the new normal in this pandem