Get Ready to be “Blown Away” by Glassblowing

Get Ready to be Blown Away by Glassblowing

Emma Schleck, Reporter

As one of the most popular streaming platforms today, Netflix has released its fair share of movies and television shows. With tons of different genres and styles, it’s easy to get swept up by a different show every week. One of the newer shows on the platform, with season one released in 2019, Blown Away is an amazing show for just about anyone. Returning to Netflix this year for its second season, Blown Away is a riveting competition style-show where contestants battle it out on the floor of the “hot shop” as they create beautiful glass pieces for different themed challenges. 

Compared to the high-stress, anxiety, and over the top competitiveness of other competition shows out there, Blown Away is relatively calm. Free from drama and theatrics, the main focus of the show is the art of glassblowing itself. Each challenge is engaging and unique, and after the glassblowers quickly design their piece, it is greatly exciting and awe inspiring to watch the art come to life. 

Throughout the show, each competitor is given the opportunity to tell their story throughout the multiple challenges, as they create stunning pieces in turn. The episodes are on the shorter side, less than a half hour each, with 10 per season. Both seasons are highly enjoyable, with their mix of interesting contestants, challenging themes, and art that will truly leave one “blown away.” The first season is the perfect introduction to the show, while the second season is virtually unchanged style-wise from the first, and it shares both the triumphs and merits of its predecessor.

Fans of over-the-top reality television might not derive such entertainment from this show, as they might feel it is too laid back in comparison to their usual shows of choice. On the other hand, people who would just like to enjoy a competition without all of the frills and dramatics of some shows may enjoy this immensely. It is a great show to watch with the family, and there’s plenty of room for discussion over pieces and themes. Both season one and two are available on Netflix. Happy streaming!