FHS Bûche de Noël Night!


Eating a log for Christmas may seem astonishing to many. However, this tradition is loved in France and many other French-speaking countries. Christmas dinners have never been complete without a Yule log cake. This french delicacy is a roll cake covered in chocolate mushrooms, powdered sugar, chocolate leaves, and edible flowers. This cake-making dates back to 1870 when a Parisian pastry maker was inspired by the Christmas eve ritual of burning a log in the fireplace. However, when fireplaces started becoming smaller and dying out, this tradition went from the hearth to the table. It has become so popular that french bakeries offer a luxury version of this cake, each with a different theme. Some themes include famous people like Marie Antoinette and famous brands like Mont Blanc and Hermès-themed bûches!   

To celebrate this popular tradition, the French National Honors Society is planning a Bûche de Noël Night! Students will be making a bûche cake, log style cake, and are inviting all students and staff to come to celebrate and eat. This event will be held on December 19, 2022, at 6 pm in the Cafeteria. All are welcome and the entry fee is $5 dollars. Everyone can try any cake they choose and will be given a chance to vote on their top picks! The categories for voting include overall favorite, best taste, best look, most creative, most traditional, and best effort. This entrance fee will also gain people an entry in a basket raffle drawing, and the individual can win a holiday basket! So come and join the fun and festivities and celebrate an old french tradition with our WHS students! 

Reminder: December 19th, 2022, at 6PM in the Cafeteria.