Best Breakfast in Waterford


Kayla Kelly, Editor

Located within miles of one another, The Shack, Cafe NV Bakery, and When Pigs Fly are the three well-known eateries that makeup Waterford’s breakfast scene. they are all. However, there is still much debate on which of these establishments serves the town’s best breakfast. 

The Shack is one of the most well-known breakfast spots in South New London County. Created in East Lyme in 1989, it has now expanded to three neighborhood locations in Waterford, Groton, and East Lyme. They are open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to provide a variety of American menu choices. One of the nicest settings for a sit-down morning breakfast is provided by the traditional decor and outstanding service. When I went, I got “The Waffle Mountain”, which came with a Belgian waffle, home fries, 2 eggs, and bacon for $11.50. The waffles contrasted perfectly with their accompanying savory ingredients, offering a perfect balance between sweet and savory flavors. The most memorable side dish worthy of a recommendation was the home fries. The Shack’s portion sizes are not small, making this restaurant a great bang for your buck. Even though After 33 years, it may surprise people that they are still well deserving of a recommendation.  Their food, hospitality, and portions make this restaurant a must-stop as service with a smile never get old.

Cafe NV Bakery and Market, a local favorite for breakfast and Lunch has been serving up specialty dishes since 2000. Senior Ava Burrows says “Cafe NV has a large menu and they always have everything in stock, when I go for breakfast I always get a crepe because all their options are amazing.” Crepes are not their only specialty, as the cafe offers handmade greek dishes, breakfast sandwiches, and acai bowls. Hearing the excellent crepe recommendations from regulars, I ordered the Dulce de Leche Crepe from their sweet crepe menu and was not disappointed. This crepe has a sweet dulce de leche caramel and banana filling. The bananas perfectly balance the caramel with their freshness, making this a fantastic and tasty pairing. The bakery offers a unique selection of beverages ranging from freshly made smoothies, teas, and coffees which make for an excellent add-on to your meal. I ordered their iced chai which had the perfect amount of chai and cinnamon ratio leaving a lasting impression. The service was fast and very orderly, and the staff’s hospitality made the experience even more enjoyable. Caffe NV left a very pleasant impression and was very memorable and is worthy of a recommendation for a quick but delicious meal.

The most memorable restaurant in Waterford is When Pigs Fly. With its inviting atmosphere, creative concept, and delicious menu it’s the perfect homely breakfast spot. Serving up American Classics with a creative twist since 2007. It has since become one of the most popular weekend morning hangouts weeks after week and is deserved. The Friendly cozy atmosphere is contagious along with the amazing hospitality of the staff. The pig-decorated cafe is one of a kind and its food is no exception.  The cafe offers American classics like pancakes, french toast, and breakfast sandwiches and you can customize your order to your liking. The seasonal French toast options as well as the regular French Toast options are amazing. I ordered The Banana Bread French toast a local favorite that has the perfect balance of banana flavor and pairs perfectly with syrup. The classic dish has seasonal twists making this dish a must-try at all times of the year. The hospitality adds to its memorabilia as the staff treats everyone like regulars and service with a smile is guaranteed here. 

Waterford has many delicious and friendly establishments that you can choose from for breakfast. However, our favorite dine-in experience was When Pigs Fly for amazing service and a twist on classic American breakfast.