Students Settle Into The New Building

Lauren Kang, Reporter

Spring break has ended and with the move into the new building, many adjustments have been made such as finding and getting used to new classrooms and new routes to classes, and how to use the new technology.

Change always takes times to get used to but students are staff are adjusting extremely fast to the new learning environment.

For most students, the first week in the new building has been a good experience and the freshmen the only ones lost this time but the seniors as well.

Senior Cody Susi said, “I liked my first week in the new school. I liked feeling like a freshman again and having to find my way around and learning the new hallways.”

The new Lancer Cafe is beautifully designed, but lacks the same amount of open space that the old cafeteria had.

Sophomore Asia Langley said, “The cafe is a little packed, but it’s something we’ll all adjust to quickly.”

Having a mainly one level school is something that students have taken for granted. No one can get through an entire day in the new building without using stairs. Even the simplicity of the square shape is different from the triple stacked L of the new building.

“There definitely is a learning curve to figuring out how to navigate through the school. The classrooms are sweet and I’m sure everyone will have buff legs by the end of the year after walking up and down all the stairs.”said senior Billy Bartelli.

The stairs have been receiving the most complaints from students.

“One thing I’m having trouble adjusting to is all the stairs, having class on the first floor then third then back to the first is sometimes a pain” said Susi.

New sources of technology now available to the students and staff. Each classroom has new Promethean boards and students can connect to the available public WiFi.

“It’s nice to finally have a wifi network that doesn’t require a password. I can use my smartphone without having to use my data and it’s a lot faster when I am connected to the WiFi” said sophomore Griffin Beaney.

Overall, the new building is a change for the better and students and staff are adjusting as a community, learning about the new building together at the same time.