Most Seniors Are Getting Scrap-Happy With English Assignment

Most Seniors Are Getting Scrap-Happy With English Assignment

Adam Shepherd, Reporter

Senior year is coming to a close,meaning a seniors have many special events coming up: Senior Prom, Senior Night, Senior Picnic, last yearbook and graduation, which all celebrate the four years that senior have spent here..

However, one major project remains for the soon-to-be graduates taking 12A and 12S English – the senior scrapbook.

For those who are unaware, senior scrapbook is a scrapbook that brings together memories from childhood to present day and takes a look into the future. Each student is required to include many chapter’ of the book. The chapters vary from lists of fives, to letters to a freshman version of him/herself, and a letter to the student’s future self. It includes plenty of pictures,too.

The book is many students favorite assignment that they have received during these last four years. Since freshman year, students have heard about the project, and have kept ideas in the back of their mind on what they planned on doing when it was finally their turn to create their own scrapbook.

Kayla Richardson, who is beginning the project in Ms. Jacobsen’s class, is thrilled to begin starting her senior scrapbook.

“It is finally a sign of the end of our high school career. I’ve been waiting to begin my senior scrapbook since the beginning of the year. I’ve already went out and got all my materials for it too. I’m so excited to do it,” said Richardson.

Although senior scrapbook is a favorite, not every class gets to do it. Advanced Placement English students have to do a literature-based research paper to complete their college credit and satisfy the University of Connecticut designation part of the English course, leaving some AP kids disappointed.

“I was so disappointed to hear we weren’t going to do a senior scrapbook. You hear every year about students who make these fantastic and gorgeous scrapbooks, and it makes you want to do your own. I had plans for my scrapbook since last year, and it’s a major disappointment not to be able to do it,” said senior Sarah Murphy, one of the 12 AP English students.

Senior scrapbook is also something more than the final project of high school English.  It is a student can keep and look back on in the future.

“Senior scrapbook is more than just an assignment. I plan on looking back on it in 10-20 years with my kids to see how much I have changed and see the difference [in how things were]. It is something you definitely take with you, and keep with you, and is so much more than just an assignment. It’s a life memoir of high school years,” said Kevin Shepherd, who graduated last year and completed his in Ms. Thibeau’s 12A English class.

With the close of the 2013 year fast approaching and between the completion of senior scrapbooks and the release of the yearbooks scrapbooks, seniors will have much to look back on and underclassmen will see what they have to look forward to in their near future.