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Driving Safely During the Winter

Casey Collins

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As 2014 arrives and the holidays move into our rear view mirrors, one thing we do not leave behind is the danger of driving in harsh weather conditions. New and old drivers alike can easily fall victim to the effects of snow on a road.

According to recent studies conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles, teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are at a higher risk of getting into an accident than any other age group.

Teens are at an increased risk due to a lack of ability to detect hazards, as well as a poor method of decision making in high risk situations. This deadly combination can help lead to a slippery collision during the next few months, and it is up to the driver and the driver alone to educate themselves, so they are prepared.

Senior Aaron Schwartz described an instance several weeks ago when, “we were going too fast and we could feel ourselves losing control of the car. That was really bad. Keeping everything in check during a storm is more important than I thought”.

Terrifying encounters caused by decreased friction prove to be common. It is also very important when driving in harsh conditions to pay very close attention to the drivers around you.

Senior Mark Jones recalls an incident last snowstorm: “Our car nearly spun out into traffic because of all the snow, you have to be careful out there”.

If we can learn anything from these two students, it’s that we must take extra steps to prepare ourselves for the inevitable winter storms.

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Driving Safely During the Winter