Antonio Jenne

The PSATs are supposed to help the average student prepare for the SATs, but preparing for one test might be a little different than preparing for the other.

The tests may be similar in theory, but it is not the exact same thing as reality. So, to prepare for the PSATs, one must understand the difference between the tests.

The PSATs stand for the pre-SATs and they do not count toward acceptance into a specific college. Taking this test allows students to understand how the SATs are designed and what they require to receive a good score.

“Be calm and the PSATs won’t be as difficult,” said senior Hannah Schonenberg

Because the PSATs are not as critical as the SATs, there is no need to stress about the PSATs the night before.

“I didn’t really study much” said senior Kyle Waters.

Kyle actually ended up doing quite well on his PSATs. He then took the SATs the following year.

When asked how they prepared for the PSATs, Hannah said she went online and took many practice tests, and she timed herself to get used to the qualifications. Kyle said he actually ate blueberries right before the test. He says that blueberries are brain food and they help people remember specific information.

The PSATs are not as bad as they seem and these seniors have a couple of tips to help the underclassmen.

“Get a good night’s rest the night before and eat a good breakfast,” said Kyle.

Hannah said,”Just keep a positive attitude throughout the whole test.”

The PSATs are not as stressful as the SATs, and they do not count on a college application, but they are helpful in preparing for the SATs, which are required on many college applications.

With tips and experiences, the PSATs will be quite simple.