What’s Up in Culinary

Alicia Labrecque

Mrs. Montanaro’s cooking classes are always making something scrumptious. Sometimes it’s tarts and pies in bakeshop and other times it’s spaghetti and meatballs in culinary. Either way, it is guaranteed that whatever they make will be edible, and not many people could pass that up.

Mrs. Montanaro has many plans for all her classes this year. When questioned about her Intro to Culinary class, she answered excitedly, “Students will learn the curriculum, learn how to read a recipe, understand the terms, have the product come out correctly and be a lifelong learner.” She has plans for her other classes too, but above all she is excited to teach and cook with all of her students this year.

The culinary classes are all working on different things at the moment. The bakeshop class is learning how to bake and are currently working on their pie and tart unit. The Intro to Culinary class is focusing on learning the basics of culinary, while the Prostart classes are learning and practicing customer service by serving what they make to their fellow students.

Mrs. Montanaro says that her favorite aspect is “When the students understand and create their recipes.”

Many of her students, like senior Jess Krewsky, said their favorite part is eating, though some students had different favorites. “Making experiences and gaining bonds,” senior Dylan Pope answered.

One thing many seniors are looking forward to is “Cherishing our last year with Mrs. Montanero,”  said senior Anna Labrecque.

Both Mrs. Montanaro and her students are excited for this year and they all have a lot to look forward to.