Commissioner of Education Visits Waterford High School


Superintendent Thomas Giard III, Commissioner of Education Dr. Dianna Wentzel, State Rep. Kathleen McCarty, and Assistant Superintendent Craig Powers.

Taylor Houggy, Reporter

Waterford High School’s modernized and welcoming environment inspired Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education, Dr. Dianna Wentzel, as she toured the school last month.


Along with her visit to the high school, Dr. Wentzell chose to visit the Friendship School during her time here, in order to admire both the new buildings as well as to get to know Waterford and our education system better at the invitation of State Rep. Kathleen McCarty. After an extensive trip that showcased many of the building’s highlights, Dr. Wentzell expressed a great interest in both school’s modern architecture, stating that Waterford Schools are “an example of how all schools should be.”

The tour consisted of a general overview of the building’s design, both new and old sections, which included visiting the auditorium, media center, cafeteria, various classrooms, and even an exclusive look at the geothermal room, which heats and cools the entire school. Concluding with a brief viewing of the new athletics field, Dr. Wentzell had nothing but positive things to say about the school. She was astounded that Waterford offers so many art and music programs as well as tech classes, which are often removed in other schools due to budget cuts.

As the newly elected Commissioner, Dr. Wentzell has made it her mission to give each student the best education possible, and keep districts up to date on the ever-changing world of technology and modernization. Starting her education career as a school teacher, Dr. Wentzell has managed to showcase her powerful leadership skills and climb the ranks in order to become one of the most powerful members of the Connecticut Board of Education. She has stated that working directly with students and teachers in the past has helped influence her decisions on education reform.


Dr. Wentzell’s main goal as Commissioner is to make and implement positive change to curriculum and school environments, as well as support and guide teachers when acclimating to technology changes. She believes technology is an important factor in delivering knowledge to students, and that every school should have the latest technology in order to give their students the best education possible.

Along with technological advances, Dr. Wentzell swears by high expectations and reliable relationships between teacher and student in order to get children to perform to their best ability. One of Dr. Wentzell’s more specified dreams for the future of the Connecticut educational system is to see more art and educational programs reincorporated into schools. Over the years, music and art programs have been pushed to the side in districts all across the country, and Connecticut is no different. As Commissioner, Dr. Wentzell hopes to see these programs return, as well as see all Connecticut schools reach a level of opportunity and education that the Waterford School District is lucky to already possess.