Skiing Could Be Your New Winter Activity!

View from Okemo Mountain

Jessica Cochran

View from Okemo Mountain

Jessica Cochran, Reporter

Many people complain about this time of year due to the harsh weather and are probably missing the summer or at least wishing it was a little warmer out. They may even complain about being stuck inside all the time. What many don’t realize is that winter is a great time to relax and be cozy and the winter months can also be a great time to get outside and exercise. Skiing is a great opportunity to be outside, get exercise, or try something new.


Skiing is a great way to escape from the world for a few hours due to its stress relieving nature of gliding along trails while looking at snow. Sadly, there aren’t many places to go skiing in Connecticut so try going more up north. Thankfully, Vermont is close by and is a great state to find mountains to ski on. A few mountains in Vermont are Okemo, Stowe, Killington, Mount Snow, and Stratton. Each have trail signs that clearly mark the difficulty of each trail, the easiest is a green circle, intermediate is a blue square, hard is a black diamond, and very hard is a double black diamond. Trail difficulties are determined by how steep it is and how wide it is or if it’s going through the trees.


You have the option to get ski passes at a good price for a bunch of different mountains too. This would be an option if you wanted to try a certain mountain out or wanted to ski at more than one mountain. If you’ve never gone skiing, most of these mountains offer beginner lessons that you can take to learn how to ski. At some mountains, the lessons only take a few hours.


Mount Snow has a package deal for $79 with lift tickets, lodging at Snow Lake Lodge per person, per night, and includes breakfast. It has other amenities and packages as well. The normal ski package is $109 for ski tickets and a night at the lodge. To get more information or to find more tickets and passes, go to the Mount Snow website here at Mount Snow Website.


At Okemo, another great place to ski, they have a season pass you can get at the beginning of every year where you can buy the package and ski as many times as you want throughout the season. If you buy the tickets online they are $90, which is cheaper than if you get them at the window, which are $115 on a normal weekday. On a normal weekend the tickets are $96 online and they are $120 at the window. To get more information about Okemo go to the Okemo website here at Okemo Website.

Here are a few more Websites for mountains you might want to visit: Mount Stowe Website, Killington Mountain Website, and Stratton Mountain Website. This winter, feel free to try something new and go outside of your comfort zone!