How Successful is Waterford High School?

Connor Elci

Waterford High School has been a consistently successful school amongst others in Southeastern Connecticut. The school frequently has award winning sports teams, a notorious fan section, and achievements in drama, music, and art. While attending Waterford High School, are students successful? Are students staying and graduating?


The simplest answer is yes. For the class of 2018-2019, 193 students graduated and one obtained a certificate of completion (awarded to students with disabilities who continue classes at UCONN Avery Point), two transferred to adult education, and none “dropped out.”  For the class of 2020 during their junior year, two students transferred to adult ed and two dropped out. For the current school year there is no official data yet.  


Some students continue their education at Waterford High School outside the traditional classroom. The reasons for the alternative placements involve health, discipline, or failing a class. These students take Edgenuity courses, which are online courses offered at Waterford High School. The passing of a course results in earned for credit for said course. As of 2018-2019 school year, 72 courses were completed and passed and 27 were not completed or passed. There are no official numbers for this school year. These numbers are determined once a school year is officially completed.


Classes are not the main things holding kids back from leaving Waterford successfully. Learning Through Service hours, known as LTS hours, are a graduation requirement for Waterford High. As of right now, the minimum hours you need are 80. According to Principal Andre Hauser, this is the number one reason kids don’t walk on graduation night. Darnell Parker, a member of the class of 2018 stated, “I almost didn’t graduate due to my LTS hours. I turned them in on the last day of school.” 


Adult Education is another common alternative to Waterford High. New London Adult Education, which is a program part of New London Public Schools is where some former Waterford students attend. Four students in total last year switched to some GED program. Two were seniors and two were juniors.


WHS has maintained a successful graduation and completion rate for all students. Whether you graduate the traditional way, online, or through Adult Ed, WHS has the reputation of kids completing what is necessary to receive their diploma.