Isolation: The Best Things to Watch on Netflix Right Now


Connor Elci

As the world stays inside to help stop the spread of COVID-19, many people have turned to Netflix as a way to entertain and get away from the reality of the coronavirus. Here are some suggestions to watch while practicing social distancing.


Good Time: From the directors of Uncut Gems, the Safdie Brothers’ first big movie is an intense story of a man’s life falling all around him. This arthouse thriller follows the main character, Connie, played by Robert Pattinson; and his brother Nick, who has an intellectual disability, played by Benny Safdie. He brings his brother on a bank heist only for his brother to get caught. This high-paced story follows Connie losing control of his life as he tries to bail his brother out of prison. This grimey movie is a must watch for fans of thriller and crime dramas.

Dolemite Is My Name: Edddie Murphy comes back to the spotlight with a biopic of a trailblazer in the movie world named Rudy May Moore. Moore was a Blaxploitation icon with his independent movies and comedy records. This trailblazer for the black community is a fun watch with lots of thanks to the star-studded cast and Murphy, performing at his best. This film was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

 Moonlight: This beautifully shot film tells the story of Chiron, who is played by three actors, in three different stages of his life. This emotional watch is a great look on adolescence and growing up in poverty. This look on sexuality and the effects of drugs is a must watch for any cinema film due to the story as well as cinematography. Maharshali Ali won an Oscar for his performance and Moonlight won best picture in 2017.


Tiger King: You definitely have seen the memes by now. This bizarre documentary series is a must-watch in this time of quarantine. The story of Joe Exotic, a private zoo owner who goes to war with others in this industry. This unreal tale follows Exotic and his personal life and manipulative control of his employees and various husbands. This in-depth look on the exotic animal trade in America will keep your mind blown.

Breaking Bad: This legendary TV show is a prime example of TV’s golden age. This breakout hit follows Brian Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher who has been diagnosed with cancer and begins to fall economically. Cranston’s character reunites with a former student to cook and sell meth. Cranston becomes a drug kingpin in a great story about the downfall of someone and what they would do for their family.

Death Note: This modern anime classic is a great way to get introduced to the genre or continue your venture down the style. A dark story follows Light Yagami as he discovers a notebook that when you write someone’s name in it, they die.  With the possession of the notebook, he is joined by a demon as his assistant as he attempts to be god.