What’s going on with the Holidays!


Holidays this year seem a little rough because of COVID-19 but people “are still looking forward to the season. The Center for Disease Control, CDC, states that “Family and friends should consider the number and rate of Covid-19 cases in their community and in the community where they plan to celebrate when considering whether to host or attend a holiday celebration.” As the rates for Covid increase in Waterford, students and teachers are planning ahead for their holidays. 

For Thanksgiving many people are planning small gatherings and family members are getting tested for Coronavirus. Jessica Cochran, a senior at WHS is going to spend Thanksgiving at her grandmother’s house with her parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. She says “Covid might have changed things a little bit because I am not sure if there is going to be as many people as there usually is, but we are at least still getting together with a few people.” Jessica also mentions that she usually has a pumpkin carving contest, but she and family decided to play it safe and not to do it this year. Jessica says “ For Christmas, I think I am going to my aunt’s house to spend the day with my cousins.” 

  Zachary Gamble, a junior at WHS says, “Like previous years, we are having Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house. However, we are only seeing a few family members.” Then for Christmas he says “We are most likely hosting Christmas dinner at our house. Similar to Thanksgiving, we are only seeing a limited family this year.” 

Jaelynn Barnes, a sophomore at WHS and her plans are to have a small family gathering with her aunt and other family members. She said ,“ Same for Christmas as well.” The only thing that is different is Jaelynn’s family would usually go to Great Wolf Lodge for a week. 

Mr. Ryan, a math teacher at WHS, plans for the holidays to spend time with his fiancé Amy and have a family dinner with her and his parents and siblings. Mr. Ryan says, “ We have seen them consistently since March, taking a few breaks here and there when we had potential close contact with people who tested positive for COVID.”  His response for Christmas plans were the same, just parents and siblings. He does say that “COVID has mainly changed the number of people we will be seeing. Usually, both my fiancé Amy and I see large groups on Thanksgiving and Christmas – lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. My parents are both one of five children, and Amy’s parents are both one of four children! Big families mean a lot of socializing outside of our safe circles, so we are deciding this year to keep the gatherings small”. 

Ms. Bartek, a teacher at WHS is working a double on Thanksgiving at her second job. She says her plans for Christmas are to “See my family for a low key celebration… watch my nephews open their presents”. She adds that COVID changed her plans because will not be able to her grandparents and other elderly family members on the holidays just to be safe. It’s usually a tradition to see their elderly family members.

The holidays are a time for celebration, so in spite of the obstacles this year, WHS seems prepared to enjoy their celebrations.