McKenzie Gregory’s Sports Profile


John Gomes, Editor

This fall the girls soccer team made it to the semi-finals. McKenzie Gregory was the goalie on this team.

Gregory is looking forward to going DIII (Division 3) for Soccer at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. She said, “Gordon is looking for a lot of goal keeper positions that would fit me because I play goalie for the varsity team.” She pointed out how her season went this past year and why it was a great soccer season saying, “You have a family to play for, you work with each other, and playing as a team this year was very fun with all my friends.” 

McKenzie also pointed out that her favorite moment of the season was when she played against Plainfield at home: “When we were up 3-0 at halftime, and they were trying to come back, putting up two goals in the second half. We had worked so hard to block the last shot Plainfield tried to make at the last second of the game. We ended up going to the ECC Finals.” The  team had ended up losing to Saint Joseph, which had ended their fall season.She is looking forward to  playing soccer in college. She said, “I feel like honestly, if I didn’t play soccer in college I would regret it because even though I had also thought about going to a medical school, I love soccer too much and I still think it would be fun to play in college as well.” 

McKenzie plans on continuing soccer after completing her education.. She says, “Possibly finishing my four years in college for my soccer career and that would most likely be it, and then try to go see if I could go do any type of coaching or volunteering work for any club or soccer team because I like the Goalie position and I think I would be a good position coach there.”Going forward she plans on honing her game:  “I would probably like to work on tuning my skills and work on my vocal skills as well because I am a very vocal goalie and when I try to use communication on the field,  you can have a better game and possibly give your team a better chance at winning as well.” A lot of sports players have some type of way to prepare themselves for upcoming games they have. McKenzie She explained that “Normally before a game you start to carb up and so I eat a lot of pasta, chicken, or bread. I tend to favor bread a lot, but one thing I’ve started to have before my games that’s not that healthy is I get a toasted chocolate light latte and that gets me so pumped now.”

McKenzie Gregory has had a pretty successful season and it looks and sounds like she’s prepared to now play soccer at the next level. She is looking very forward to her soccer career and can’t wait to play in college for the next four years.