Women Empowerment Club

Women Empowerment Club

Kayla Kelly, Reporter

Advocate, Educate, and Empower. Founded in 2020 by Junior Maddie Myers and 2021 Graduates from Paige Walstra and Sophie Marcille, The Women’s Empowerment Club has quickly become one of the most well-known clubs in the school. But What is it? The club advocates for further gender equality and to uplift Women’s self-esteem. When asked about the Club’s agenda, Co-President Ally Puccio said, “We want the school to be more equal in the sense of gender equality and to spread this to other places and undesirable for women’s funds. I just want to make a difference for mine and other women’s futures here”. 


Leaders Senior Maddie Myers, Juniors Ally Puccio, and Emma DeVito are bringing a new meaning to Women’s Empowerment this year. The group that has participated in the protests and created fundraising activities is focused on improving the community. The club is hosting a drive throughout the school for feminine hygiene products, which will be available in the bathrooms. When asked about the purpose of the Drive, Co-President Ally Puccio said, “If someone needs feminine products, they have free access to them if they need them, since they will be in all bathrooms.” The products can be found in all women’s restrooms across the school. The club hopes the school community will appreciate the drive, with the ultimate goal of no woman being left unprepared.  


The group sold Empower Women shirts earlier this year to raise money for the feminine baskets in the bathroom, which will help the club provide these baskets all year. Along with fundraising, the group has worked with the local organization Safe Futures to raise money for the organization, which helps to support women going through domestic violence and educate women on signs of abuse. The group participated in The Safe Futures walkathon earlier this September and has spoken with leaders who are an asset in women’s safety within the community. 


Along with fundraising, the group also attended a protest earlier this year in support of reproductive rights in New London. Leaders Ally Puccio and Maddie Myers spoke to the crowd in front of Whalers Row in the town center, and their speeches on the Club’s Instagram. The Group frequently hosted speakers last year, guest speakers like Pink’s CEO Amy Hauk and the CEOs of Safe Futures. The Club hasn’t yet hosted a speaker year but hopes too soon. 


The club’s successful drive and fundraisers are already off to change the school’s community for the better, and they’re already brainstorming for more. If you’re interested in joining the club they meet every activity Thursday in Mrs. Thibeau’s room.

     Photograph by Ally Puccio