A Weekend in Arendelle with Broadway Kids


Lexie Hullivan

On December 18th, families in the Waterford area gathered at Filomena’s restaurant for what was sure to be a magical morning. Those lucky enough to get tickets, before Broadway Kids and Company completely sold out, were promised plated meals, performances of several Frozen songs, and a chance for their kids to hug, get autographs and take pictures with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Hans. Anna and Sven were played by Waterford High seniors Ava Burrows and Lea Polcaro respectively. Waterford High School was also represented by the members of Oaken’s Family who worked as waiters and greeters, notably including Lexie Hullivan, Olivia Marelli, and Ava Rivera. Both the 9:30am and 11:00am slots were filled with over 150 people each. 

After everybody was settled in and received meals, Anna waltzed in singing “For the First Time in Forever.” Each time, without fail, the kids would excitedly jump up and watch in astonishment as Burrows interacted around the room just like a Disney princess. Elsa, played by Fitch junior Lily Curtiss, also wowed the kids with “Let It Go.” The Sven costume, which Polcaro calls “a challenge to maneuver, but great for getting into character,” looked especially realistic. Many young girls and boys took the time to pet the head and test what would happen if they put their fingers in its mouth. 

All of this was not only to provide special Christmas memories for local families, but also to promote Broadway Kids’ full musical production of Frozen on January 6th-7th at the Garde Theater. At the show, you will see Burrows as Anna and Polcaro as Sven once again, as well as Marelli as Pabbie, Hullivan as The Bishop, freshman Nayoung Kwon as Queen Iduna, and Rivera as King Agnarr. Marelli, Hullivan, and Kwon will also be featured as the personification of Elsa’s ice powers in the Snow Chorus, and Hullivan, Kwon, and Rivera returning as members of Oaken’s Family. 

BKC has put on Frozen once before in 2019. Interestingly enough, Ava Burrows was just a freshman the first time she brought Princess Anna to life. If you saw it the first time at St. Bernard’s School, it will be quite a different experience. Although the prior production made a list of Top Ten Shows to See in Connecticut and had rave reviews, BKC aims to make the show even more enchanting. At the Garde Theater, there is opportunity for bigger and better ways to set scenes such as the town of Arendelle, the castle, the ice castle, and more. Kristin Burrows, the beloved director, has a history of delivering high quality winter and spring musicals, each show exceeding the expectations set by the last one. Curtiss attests to Burrows’ ability to lead by example and guarantees, “our show has been set up for success by the creative team. Anyone with tickets is in for a treat!” The show will also feature choreography from alumni Hannah Burrows. 

The link to buy tickets:


Tickets are going fast so make sure to get them as soon as possible! They make perfect last-minute holiday presents for your many Frozen-obsessed loved ones.