Pole Vaulting Mat Destroyed By Rain

Cierra Reyes

With spring comes a variety of spring sports. This spring, however, students may not be able to fully explore their interests on the pole vaulting team. Due to the high quantity of rain in the past few weeks, the mat used to practice the pole vault has been destroyed, and the team is unable to practice. Although the students are able to pole vault at away meets, this inability to practice has had an impact on their overall ability to perform.

Matt Patton, sophomore, said, “This is really unfortunate for athletes like me. Pole vaulting is my main event in track and now I cannot practice and get better at it.”

The team is still able to pole vault at away meets; but, like every athlete knows, practice makes perfect. The team would love for a new mat; however, the cost of a replacement mat averages $5,000. When asked if he believes that this loss will have an impact on how well the pole vaulting team performs, senior Justin Lindblom confirmed that it most likely would.

Lindblom commented, “It really stinks, we can’t practice vaulting so we can only vault at away meets.”

Members of the team are hoping that the mat will somehow be replaced by the end of their season.

Patton expressed his disappointment: “This year the pole vaulting team was looking good and we actually have athletes that show great potential; and, now with the mat gone, we are unable to practice. These athletes won’t get to show their potential because they won’t have practice.”

Like any athlete knows, practice makes perfect. The team will have to go into meets without as much experience as their opponents, putting them at a disadvantage. Hopefully, the team will find a way to raise money or receive donations to replace the much-needed mat and be able to practice and work towards reaching their full athletic potential.