The Stars of Waterford Athletics… are the Fans?

WHS Homecoming Football game.

Wendy Morris

WHS Homecoming Football game.

Kylie Hopkins

With themed nights and color powder thrown into the air, Lancer Nation is back with a new energy dominating the Alumni turf. Currently midway through the season, the football field has a record of 1-4 led by senior captains Will Sutman, Tyler Ingemi, and Mason Concasia. Yet, the stars of this fall season are more of the Lancers off the field.

The Lancer Nation student section has been the big story this fall sports season. The students have been announcing the different themes to dress as for each gameday. Under the Friday night lights, we have seen waves of blue, blackout, whiteout with colored powder dying the fans, and more. 

The school pride does not end at Alumni turf or with the football team. There have been large turnouts for other sports and in other towns. One Saturday afternoon was “pink out” at NFA in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The East Lyme Vikings were faced with a large Lancer Nation presence at one of their home soccer games. 

While the excitement of the athletic teams has been positive, there have been some issues with town rivalries this year. Social media and inappropriate chants from both sides have taunted teams. Waterford has to do their best to leave this out of our stands as we are a “class act school.”

As fall seasons near ECC’s and state tournament season, and soon after the return of winter sports, Lancer Nation will be there. The return of observable sports after a bleak spectatorless fall during the pandemic means one thing: Lancer Nation Bleeds Blue!