Future Is Freshman

Emerson Lane, Sports Editor

During the winter season our Waterford High School’s girls basketball team of the 2022-23 season is freshman oriented. Last year the varsity players included Millena Walker (Sr.), Izzi Fraser (Sr.), Natalie Lombardi (Sr.), Julia Knowles (Jr.) , Sophia Hathway (Sr.), and Mia Chiapone (Sr.). This season’s starting line-up includes Julia Knowles (Sr.), Lucy Walker (Fr.), Sadie Tiven (Fr.), Jennie Macca-Barnes (Fr.), Audrey Steward (Fr.). 

Freshmen Lucy Walker and Sadie Tiven are enthusiastic about their experience on the team this year. According to Sadie Tiven,  “The environment of the team is more laid back this year from previous middle school seasons… and overall more fun at the high school.” This year the team dynamic has changed to welcome the freshmen, who have a big duty at their hands coming up and playing against all of these juniors and seniors. Tiven says, “ Something that is difficult this year is as a team we haven’t had the experience other teams have been given.” Lucy Walker adds that most schools have a team who has experience of playing with each other through their four years of high school and have gained more confidence and trust with each other, which has been proven on the court. 

The four starting freshmen believe they will improve during future games and seasons. They both believe it has been awkward coming up this season to having to immediately play varsity while previous members have worked their way up throughout their years at the high school. The team includes a few sophomores and juniors who have been playing since their freshman year and now are seeing less playing time while the freshmen have been taking the lead. The experience this season has been a challenge for all the girls, but they all look to continue to improve and build the connections they initially lacked.

The season has been a mix with dramatic scores.With a 6-14 record with losses against Bacon Academy (71-23), Ledyard (51-27), and Killingly (51-28). After some of these extreme losses the team has turned a corner in games with wins against Wheeler (58-18), Griswold (59-32), and St. Bernard (58-22). They have the upcoming state games this season and three years to improve.