First Lancer Fair

Alice Hanson

The first Lancer Fair took place in the auditorium lobby on October 14 and 15 and was run by the students of Waterford High School. The purpose of the fair was to introduce the high school to 8th graders, and it was a huge hit.

Eighth graders from Clark Lane Middle School came to WHS in late October to become familiar with student life, clubs, and academics at the high school. Throughout the day, many middle school students expressed their concerns, hopes, and dreams for their next year of learning. Teachers shared their feelings about the first year of Lancer Fair, as well.

Sean Spinner was interviewed first at the Lancer Nation Media table. He expressed his feelings about high school: “I am not sure what high school I am going to next, but I do not have any fears for what is ahead.” He also says that “[he hopes] to meet many new friends, learn more about science, and if he could describe high school in one word, it would be ‘happy’.”

Robby Sametero is another eighth grader who attended the Lancer Fair: “I’m not sure if I am going to this [school] or the science and tech one in New London.” Robby also shares his fears and hopes: “I fear not being able to get my way around, but I am excited for the more independence I get. I also can not wait to focus on computer programming.” He also said that if he could describe high school in one word, it would be “independent.”

There were also a number of teachers at the event. Ms. Keating, who sat at the Lancer Pride booth, was kind enough to share her opinion of the Lancer Fair: “Oh, I think it went incredibly well. The students were so incredibly enthusiastic, and I believe the 8th graders could tell.” She continues, “If possible [next year] I would like to see more clubs and academic disciplines instead of departments representing. We should do this next year. We should build on the incredible success we put down.”