Senior’s Advice to their Freshman Selves

Alice Hanson

Seniors look back at the years they spent in high school and share a laugh or a tear about their fashion choices, social skills, and school life. If they could, they would give well-deserved advice to their 14 and 15-year-old selves.

Erin Neidzielski was 14 when she began her freshman year and dressed mostly in skinny jeans and a t-shirts. She does have some suggestions for her former self: “Dabble more in color, relax a bit, and maybe dress up a little more.”

Erin also comments on her social skills: “Relax more. Period. Start out with a smaller group of friends.”

Regarding school life, she stressed to herself not to procrastinate and not stress out so much. She gives her senior view on things and advice to all freshman: “Be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you who to be or what to wear. No matter what your sexuality, race, or gender, remember that you are beautiful the way you are,” she emphasizes.

Another senior, Ashley Thibeau, was 15 when she started her freshman year. She laughs thinking back to her first day of school and states, “Don’t think that high school dress code is any different. Don’t wear a hat on the first day of school because Mr. Ryan will steal it.

She also gives advice on social situations: ‘Don’t mean to your friends. Don’t be like I’m popular and I don’t need my friends.” She says trust her, you’ll need them one day and they won’t be there.

Ashley loves her teachers and tells us how to handle school life: “Keep your nose clean. Do not get in trouble and do your homework. Ask teachers for help because they are really nice once you get to know them.”

Lastly, her advice to all freshman is “don’t be wise to everyone. Your whole high school years count. Try your hardest, go easy on the electronics, and make a schedule for yourself.”