Five Things That Are Sure To Make Your Spring Break Memorable


Miranda Lentz, Reporter

Whether you’re taking an extreme adventure abroad or planting yourself on the couch, here are five things that are guaranteed to make your spring break the best one yet.

  1. At this point in the school year, just about everyone is tired of seeing the same old faces every day. It’s time for a change. The day before break, try going up to some people you haven’t really talked to before and ask to hang out a day or two. A new friendship could easily come from this, leading to a pretty crazy spring break. Of course, you’re still going to hang out with your best friends but why not add a new person to the bunch, you never know who could change your life for the better.
  2. Spend a night on the beach is something that people talk about all the time but never commit to. Grab all the blankets you can find, a few candles and flashlights, a basket of food, and DO NOT forget the bug spray! Deep conversations about life and love or whatever interests you are sure to spark throughout the night, and it’s always fun to dish out a secret or two. Throw caution to the wind and the waves. Sleeping on the beach can be risky and you’re sure to wake up with bug bites no matter how much bug spray you use, but it will all be worth it when you look back on that night months or even years later.
  3. There are 24 hours in a day, so spend every one of them doing 24 things you’ve always wanted to try. Wake up a few minutes just before midnight the day before your crazy adventure. Get yourself ready by drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks because you’re going be on the go for 1,440 minutes. Make a list pre-spring break of 24 things you want to try, a mini bucket list. They could be simple things like trying a new food, or if you’re feeling like a daredevil, try cliff diving. As long as you don’t get hurt, you’ll feel better because you’ve done something incredible.
  4. Taking a road trip is definitely a rite of passage, so do it over break. Go on a road trip with no destination! Pack two or three people in your car with you and just drive, see where the road takes you. If you’re a little worried about getting lost, grab a map of Connecticut and maybe a few other states close by. Lay the map out on a table with a pack of markers close by. Start by deciding how many places you want to visit. Take out the same number of different colored markers as there are places you want to visit. Take one color at a time and close your eyes, randomly dotting a place on the map. Once you’ve dotted the map with all your colors, open your eyes and voila! Connect your dots with a black marker, grab whatever supplies you pay need, pack everyone in the car, and you’re off on a spontaneous adventure. You may find yourself in a random neighborhood, in a grocery store parking lot, or if you’re lucky you’ll find a really cool place that will become a regular hang out spot. Either way you’re gonna have amazing time, and if you have a little extra money before you leave why not purchase a Polaroid camera to capture your incredible adventure, leave your cellphones at home. Junior Rachel Dondero suggests one place she would love to travel to, “I think I would take a road trip to Florida, I’ve never been there before.” A few classmates agree with her, including juniors Natalie Pendleton and Andrea Woods who are doing just as Dondero mentioned and taking a road trip down to the Sunshine State.
  5. Of course the best was saved for last, after all that traveling a great way to kill time over spring break is to sleep. That’s all, just sleep. That is one thing I can promise you’ll enjoy.