Countdown to Graduation Is Under 20 School Days

Countdown to Graduation Is Under 20 School Days

Alice Hanson, Reporter

All students are counting down the days left in school, whether we be in third or tenth grade. However, for seniors, the counting down of these days are for an adventure outside of their hometown’s public school system.

Graduating high school is one of the many milestones of growing up and becoming an adult. By this time, the majority of seniors have decided their fate for the next four years. It could be attending college, traveling, joining the military, taking a gap year, joining the workforce, or combining these options. Focusing in, seniors share their post-grad plans.

Senior Dylan Abate says that he plans on attending University of Connecticut at the Storrs campus. “I chose this college because I like that it’s a big school with great athletics and a welcoming school community,” said Abate. “I have always liked that UCONN is fairly close to home, and I will save a lot of money going at an in-state price.”

Countdown to Graduation Is Under 20 School Days


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Abate, like many others, is going into college undecided. He stated, “I will be in the ACES program, which stands for the Academic Center for Exploratory Students. I chose to do the ACES program because I’m not sure what I want to do for a career, so I want to explore different options.” 

Senior Jessica Harpell is attending Franklin Pierce University in the fall. Jessica explains why she chose to be a raven, “It is a Division II school with amazing opportunities connected to the school. They have a great health science program and a PA program after the four years there.” Harpell plans in majoring in health sciences because one day she wants to be a physician’s assistant. 

Senior Andrew Impellitteri will be attending University of Pittsburgh. “I love the city and they offer a very rigorous engineering program,” said Impellitteri, who was accepted into the school of engineering at Pitt and plans on majoring in Chemical Engineering. “It is an interesting and lucrative field with a wide variety of applications in oil and gas, chemicals, food, and water treatment,” Impellitteri added.

No matter what post-grad plans seniors have, congrats are in order to the whole class of 2016.