Jobs For High Schoolers


Jessica Cochran, Reporter

Many high schoolers, especially juniors and seniors, are starting to look for jobs. Especially at this age, it can be hard to find jobs. Teens don’t always know what jobs are appropriate for them because they haven’t experienced a job before. Some high schools, like Waterford High have volunteering requirements that help young teens prepare to get a job.


Many popular jobs high schoolers get are babysitting, dog walker, car wash attendant, cashier, shelf stocker, landscaper, waiter, tutoring, camp counselor, dishwasher, and lifeguard. Some of these studentscan do within their own neighborhood, while others might even require an interview process.


Camp counselling is a good job for teens. It doesn’t usually get in the way of school because these camps are generally in the summer, and that job isn’t usually late in the evening. This job would be perfect for high schoolers who are good with kids, since they would be around kids for the day. Locally, we have Camp DASH in the summer for students at Waterford High School to work or volunteer at. To get information on Camp DASH, you can go to the town hall or you can go to the parks and wreck buildings. It can be a fun job, playing and taking care of kids. The average salary for camp counselors is $13.04 per hour.


Lifeguarding is another great job to have over the summer. To be a certified lifeguard, students would have to take a class. This class is offered at Waterford High School as a semester credit. At the end of the semester you will have the opportunity to be a certified lifeguard. Students, after taking this course, become lifeguards at local beaches or pool like Waterford Beach. Students can even be lifeguards during the winter at indoor pools like the high school pool. The average salary for lifeguards is $11.47 per hour.


Other common jobs that teens get are waiters or cashiers. Both are jobs that can be done at any time of the day, which is one of the reasons why it makes it easy for teens. Either one starts teensoff with a good amount of responsibility, but it’s on-the-job training. It will also teach you how to talk to people, which is a great skill to have. A junior, Paige Ferreira, explained “I work the cashier at Mystic Market,” she went on to say “The environment is pretty chill and my co-workers are nice.” She also said that she works from 2PM until closing on Saturdays. She gets paid about $12.00 an hour. The average salary for waiters, including tips, is around $13, while the average for cashiers is $11.36. 


As high schoolers are going through the process of looking for their first job, it will be hard, but it will be a great experience to prepare for the future. Students can only work part-time, so it won’t take up too much time, the job knows high schoolers have other activities in their lives. It will be a great advantage towards paying for college. It can give you skills that could give anyone advantages in the future, as well as a great experience to get a glimpse of the real world.