A Drive-By Celebration


Alexandra Silva, Editor

Waterford locals have recently come up with creative ways to celebrate their community while staying safe. Whether it is a birthday or appreciation for teachers, there have recently been numerous car parades for local areas. In fact, each elementary school in Waterford had the opportunity to have a car parade of its own for its teachers. 

Oswegatchie recently had a car parade for its elementary teachers, where an organized route brought cars to the front of Oswegatchie Elementary. Teachers in the line were met with cheers from their students and their parents. “My favorite part of it all, I would say, was seeing everyone outside and cheering for the teachers,” says Abby Saucier, junior at WHS.

Quaker Hill Elementary had its car parade on March 31st, Officer Lane from the Waterford Police Department leading the line of cars. In total, 70 cars participated as kids and parents waited outside their houses and waved. “Staff decorated their cars, made signs, and our custodian even dressed up as a person being abducted by an alien!” recites Karen Coburn, kindergarten teacher in Quaker Hill. The parade allowed everyone to stay distanced at all times. Families and teachers were creative with their decorations, making this celebration one of a kind. 

Disappointed there was no chance for a birthday with friends, close friends of Jack Lange organized a surprise birthday parade by his house. “It was such a creative way to get his friends together and celebrate and still stay safe. It was a great idea,” says Haley Vitko, friend of Jack’s. Organizer Jenna Milukas led the cars down Greentree Road through two loops around his house. The first loop allowed cars to wave at Jack and wish him a happy birthday, and the second loop ended with friends parking near his house from a safe distance and singing Happy Birthday.