What’s New in the Lancer Library this School Year?

Tara Smith

The Lancer library is filled with books and resources that many students leave untouched. The library has a number of books and this school year is no different.  There are some new additions and plenty more on the way. For any reader in need of finding their next read, researching for a school project, or simply looking to pick up a book for the first time, the Lancer library has the resources.

Mr. Cadorette, the librarian, and Ms. Barnes, the assistant librarian, have worked to categorize all of the books with a genre sticker, meaning most books should now have a sticker on the spine with the genre of that book. If a student wants to search for a book, they can either go there themselves and use one of the computers to search the catalog or they can go to the Waterford High school website. To get to the catalog, go to the Waterford High school website > Academics > Lancer Library, then scroll down and click “FIND A BOOK.” This will allow access to the library catalog without being in the library! 

Looking for new books to read? Ask Mr. Cadorette or Ms. Barnes about the new book section in the library, which is a collection of new additions to our Lancer library. This school year we have lots of new books on social construct such as, “Breaking Through” by Sue Macy on how female athletes in the ‘20s overcame stereotypes, “Stolen Justice” by Lawrence Goldstone detailing the struggle for African American voting rights, “Where Have all the Bees Gone?” by Rebecca E. Hirsch about pollinators in crisis, and “Stamped” by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi on Racism and Antiracism all recommended by Mr. Cadorette. More is on its way to the library such as a diverse selection of thrillers and mysteries in time for Halloween. This is just a small list of new books in the library so be sure to stop by and check out the new book section here at WHS.