The Class of 2023 Keeps the Annual Senior Superlatives Night Alive!

December 15, 2022

Senior superlatives were Friday, December 9th. The seniors had a fun time dressing up in formal attire and receiving awards. Sam SanJuan, Ally Puccio and our senior class advisor, Mrs. Baumgartner were all to thank for the fun night. Due to COVID the annual awards night has been either cancelled or altered for the past couple of years so this was exciting for the staff to experience. Mrs. Baumgartner says, “I was so happy to see the seniors having a good time and keeping the tradition alive.”

The ceremony lasted about an hour and a half and consisted of surprise superlatives that the students chose on the spot and trivia questions about staff members in between the main awards. There were multiple different groups of announcers throughout the ceremony. The announcements of the awards were done with a slideshow that had photos next to the names of the nominees. When the winner was called up to receive their trophy Natalie Schenking, photography student and member of the yearbook club, took the winners photos for the yearbook.

Here are the winners of each category:

Best dressed: Gabby Brennan and AJ Dollinger

Best hair: Gabby Brennan and Sagar Sharma 

Best smile: Yank Feburay and Sam SanJuan 

Best eyes: Lea Polcaro and Jackson Huta

Best dancer: Ava Burrows and Natalie Pickett

Best to bring home to the parents: Camille Caldrello and Eva

Best friends:Matt Ugiccioni and Jeff Fabian  and Sam SanJuan and Ally Puccio 

Best car: Matias Arcelus 

Best nickname: Jeff “Steelio” Fabian

Biggest flirt:  Jaden Reyes and Sophia Furlan

Biggest ray of sunshine: Mia Petrini

Biggest social butterfly: Ayden Bousquet and Sagar Sharma

Class clown: Guadencio Gatalchian

Cutest couple: Lea Polcaro and Donovan Bousquet

Life of the party: Lucy D’Amico

Most likely to call when you need help:  Abby Silva

Loudest: Ella Briggs

Quietest: Aaliyah Banks

Most Likely to be the Next Steve Jobs:  Nick Tesler 

Most Artistic: Jada Meyer and Musharaf Atik

Most Likely to Fix Things That are Broken: Andrew Pafias

Most Athletic:  Evan Piotrowski and Nate Hynes

Most School Spirited:  Jackson Huta

Most Musical: John Morgan and Vincent Antonelli 

Most Contagious Laugh: Guadencio Gatalchian

Most Likely to Become President: Jordon Dunkerly and Sam SanJuan

Most Likely to Get ID’d at 30: Hannah Ard

Most Likely to Come to Class Late with Dunkin’: Julia Knowles

Most Likely to Go Viral: Matt Ory

Most Likely to Win the Lottery but Lose the Ticket: Tyler Carbee

Most Likely to be Found at the Gym: Evan Piotrowski and Matias Arcelus

Most Likely to get a Misspelled Tattoo: Delaney Moriarity

Most Likely to Fall at Graduation: Mia Petrini

Worst Case of Senioritis: Nate Hynes

Genius of Our Generation: Charlotte Morin and JP O’Leary

Best Shoe Game: AJ Dollinger and Logan Peabody

Biggest Activist:  Bree Smith

Worst Driver/Parker:  Ella Bousquet

Most Likely to be a Talk Show Host: Ethan Delgrosso

Most Likely to Fall Asleep During Class: Tyler Carbee

Most Likely to Stay in Waterford: Anna Dziecinny

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