Class Council Minus the Class


ava burrows, Author

Class council has been a prominent club in Waterford High School for as long as anyone can remember. In recent years the number of students involved in class council has dwindled. The numbers used to be closer to 15 but now it has a consistent 5 members in attendance every week. The lack of students has not necessarily been a major concern. In other words, everything is still getting done. However, the concern from the class advisors is that the students that are taking the initiative end up with all the responsibility. Sophomore class council member, Lexie Hullivan states, “It would definitely be more efficient if tasks were evenly divided between students.” However, this is not the case because not all members are willing to fully participate in activities.

The class of 2023 stands out from the other classes, advisors and student leaders believe it’s because of the COVID year. Because the class of 2023 was not able to do fundraisers, they fundraised heavily post COVID. Then, they had a head start when they got back to school full time. One of their biggest fundraisers was the vendor fair freshman year. The turkey trot senior year made up for their lost time, this event was when they consumed the most funds. earned the class a lot of money, and they quickly became the class with the most funds. This means they do not have to fundraise anymore and they can enjoy their last high school events comfortably. According to class advisors, they have always been the most motivated in comparison to the classes below. Although there have been fundraising successes; Their class advisor, Erica Baumgartner, says, “Fundraisers now are very disappointing in comparison to previous years, there is less participation in events.” 

Despite these concerns with participation, the class advisors understand that the students that have taken the initiative are very responsible. Baumgartner, says, “I enjoy working with members who are motivated and I enjoy watching them grow over the years.” While there are plenty of students who can be involved in event planning during school meetings, it has become increasingly difficult to get those students to be a part of planning outside of school. This can weigh on other members who are motivated to be involved in all aspects. This is mostly because these students tend to be the busiest with other clubs, sports and activities as well and have to take all the responsibility. 

Although it seems that these members would have a hard time balancing schedules, they actually express great time management. President of 2024 council, Madison LaForte does FCA, lacrosse, and cross country. All of the presidents are equally this successful. Another president of 2024, Alexa Collins does outdoor track, Model UN, and the list goes on. “Busy is my favorite thing to be,” says Hullivan. It is apparent that they want to have important roles to take and events or fundraisers to set up. It seems that it is actually something that excites them. “I start to feel like everyone is in panic mode, but then everyone just gets it done, it’s great!” says senior, Sam San Juan.

Sam San Juan plays a large role in class council. She’s someone her class looks to for leadership. She loves being a leader to the class of 2023 alongside Brianna Smith. San Juan is in agreement that “over the years, class council has shrunk a significant amount.” However, she believes that it’s “not a bad thing at all.” In fact, she sees a smaller group as a positive factor. “We’re all a group that gets along really well… l’m very appreciative of that,” San Juan states. 

With a strong group comes good fundraising and events and with a small, close group makes a fun atmosphere. “Hard work can be fun when the vibe is good” says San Juan. Baumgartner describes her admiration of the leadership roles she sees being filled every year: “I love seeing the students that step up and become leaders.” Although leaders are not the only important members, they are the individuals that set the tone for the rest of the club during meetings and planning.