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Cop Parents


In our town, many of us have grown up with classmates who have parents in law enforcement.

This aspect of our community brings a lot of challenges and advantages to the lives of these students.

Junior, Thomas Flanagan says, “the advantages are a lot of people know my dad so a lot of people know me”.

Having a parent in law enforcement could make it easier meeting people knowing that they have experiences with one of your family members.

Senior Emerson Lane says, “Since he works at the middle school he brings me food and stuff and he is always there in case I need rides”.

“I feel like I always grew up around cops and cop kids hanging out and it’s comforting to know people, it’s also comforting knowing some of the cops”.

These students share their experiences growing up with this lifestyle.

Most students having a parent in law enforcement says it makes them feel less likely to get a career in law enforcement.

Senior Samantha Silva explains that knowing her father endures the job it’s not something she’s made to do.

“Growing up I can think of multiple birthdays or holidays that I wasn’t able to spend with my father because he was working”.

Silva also says “Law enforcement is a very demanding job”.

“While I know that my father was a police officer because he enjoyed helping others, I do know all the stress and long nights he endured throughout his life of working”.

“ I have had multiple times where I was anxious about my father coming home that night. There is always anxiety surrounding the fact that it’s not a safe line of work.”

Flanagan agrees saying” It has made me less likely to consider being in law enforcement because of the scary and sad stories I hear from him”.

Lane says quite the opposite, “I always wanted a career in law enforcement but my dad tells me no because he knows how dangerous it is and wants me to be safe”.

These students talk about how they feel on their day to day lives knowing their parents are police officers

Lane says “I’m so scared when I drive, and getting in trouble with the law, my dad would hate me”

Silva says “I do feel obligated to make better choices because of my parent in law enforcement. Although, I think that’s a good thing.”

Lane shares some of her personal experiences on her dad Officer Lane.

“He’s literally everywhere all the time and in middle school I would hide from him, but he had a lot of snacks in his office.”

Lane also adds, “He knows everything about everyone so he keeps you in check about who your friends are.”

These students talk about how they deal with law enforcement conversations, knowing their experiences.

Flanagan shares, “I handle discussions and debates about law enforcement like I know what I’m talking about because of what I know about it.”

Lanes says, “ When I hear stuff like that I just stay quiet because everyone has their own opinion on the law and I don’t want to say the wrong things.”

Having cop parents in our town can impact students’ experiences.

It provides them with a deep sense of safety and security, knowing their parents are skilled in protecting communities.

But It also comes with challenges and for some, expectations. Many students with law enforcement parents learn lessons in responsibility and respect for authority.

Overall these experiences are diverse and complex but it shapes them into the individuals that they are with such different perspectives.

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