Meet the New Librarian’s Assistant


Katelyn Grote

The new librarian’s assistant, Ms. Barnes, began working here at Waterford High School on September 30th. Ms. Barnes, from Branford, Connecticut, has had many jobs working in the children’s section at libraries before coming to our school. These jobs include Waterford Public Library, Guilford Free Library, and Case Memorial Library. Since shadowing a middle school librarian, Ms. Barnes has known that she wanted to work with children. She explains that she “loved getting to interact with kids and recommend books,” which drew her towards a career in a school library. Upon seeing the job listing here, Ms. Barnes knew that it was a perfect fit because it would provide her with this opportunity to work with kids. When asked what her favorite part about working at Waterford High School is, Ms. Barnes explained, “I love interacting with. . . all the students. I didn’t get to interact with kids before. I love book talking and can relate on that level.” Despite her overwhelmingly positive experience, Ms. Barnes has faced some challenges in coming to a high school. Her biggest challenge has been getting to know who everyone is: “I try to learn two people’s names a day.” As a lover of reading, Ms. Barnes cites A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness as her favorite novel. Outside of her job, she has a dog named Harvey, and she loves soccer.