Goodbye Class of ’19, Hello Cleaner Water


Lillie Abramowicz

The water fountains are a big concern for students and faculty in regards to cleanliness and safety. Often times, wads of gum, wrappers, and other unknown items are found sitting in the bowl of the water fountain. Students also have to bend every-which-way to fill their water bottle to the top. The system has now gotten much easier, cleaner, and safer for the underclassmen. A hands-free water dispenser is now in the heart of Waterford High School in three different locations: outside the auto shop on the first floor, outside the 203 computer lab, and outside the third floor computer labs. 


Refilling a water bottle is now sensor activated, clean, and easier than ever before. To activate, simply place your water bottle underneath the dispenser, and water flows out of the top with ease. No bending, knob-turning, and other technicalities are necessary. Mrs. Baumgartner played a big part in the production of this fountain, the “class of 2019 had money leftover, so they donated the fountains as their class gift” she states. The new innovation was proposed to avoid the spread of bacteria, as well as making the structure appealing to students. On the top of the structure, a small screen displays a number that shows how many bottles were filled/saved. This demonstrates the environmental effect of refilling bottles instead of buying new. This new structure is allowing WHS students to have access to clean, purified water.