Got Prom?


Every Disney Channel original movie, parent scrapbook, and chick flick has trained us for and made us anticipate high school prom night. Last year,  there was no question, we knew that we were not going to prom. However, as spring rolls around this year, the odds could be in the students’ favor. Governor Ned Lamont announced updated guidance gatherings during the state’s phased reopening plan. As of March 1st, there can be gatherings of up to 100 people with masks on and 200 outdoors with masks. 

Mr. Hauser is looking on the bright side, as well. He sent an email on February 19th stating, “Like so many in-person events this year, the fate and format of our Junior and Senior Proms will have to depend on the state’s health regulations at that time. The great news this week is that the governor has announced greater flexibility for banquet venues to host larger events, so our staff is reaching out to the venues that are hosting our proms now to find out what that means for us. We will continue to update you as we learn more about the details for our Prom season.” Currently the senior class has a deposit down for a prom at Water’s Edge for June 5th, though the state regulations would still not allow the typical 200 attendants in this indoor facility.

The seniors’ outlooks differed quite a bit. Many believe that it simply isn’t possible. Cooper Alloway, band member, and lacrosse player said, “No because the school isn’t going to host something that big during Covid, unless they send every family a waiver saying that they acknowledge and understand they could get the virus.” Alongside Cooper, many kids also believe that it just simply will not work. Justin Wujewicz, drama club member, claimed, “The one reason I think we will not have prom is that there are too few numbers of people going to school to guarantee that all of those kids will go to prom. Also, big groups of people are discouraged, even with masks on. I don’t think they could get the whole class together.” These students have a fair point. 

However, many students think that prom could work this year. Mya Rheaume, soccer player,  commented, “Yes, I think we will have a senior prom because in the summer it’s warm and we can have it outside with masks on. Most people will have their vaccines by the summer, as well. If we can have graduation outside, there is no doubt we can have prom, which is a much smaller event.” This is also such a fair point. Emma Geer, swimmer, acknowledges that, “The school knows we need something good this year. They will make it work for us.” 

There are so many factors to these school gatherings. Cost is the biggest factor that wasn’t mentioned when interviewing the students. The student body did not have many opportunities to make money this year. Another reason is a venue that would agree to it. Right now the max people inside and outside could change. It could go down to 50 people outside or 400 people outside, in this case, we will not find out until the spring rolls around. 🙂