Seniors Stress over College Applications as Deadlines Approach


Anna Schleck

As the first quarter ends, many students will be looking to the CommonApp’s red notice telling them their deadline is approaching. The resulting stress is universally felt by seniors who are applying to college; teachers writing recommendations; and the guidance department, who is trying to keep track of the 200 seniors. When asked about the hardest parts about applying to college, senior Nehamia Calixte said that “the college application itself was easy, the stressful part is the scholarships because the process for applying is confusing.” Another senior said, “the most stressful part is relying on other people to get their stuff in on time, like recommendations and transcripts,” but she also says, “completing the FAFSA was difficult.” While many seniors feel this stress, the guidance department plays a key role in helping students through the whole process. Senior Audrey Booth said, “For the most part, the guidance department prepared me” and another student said, “100%, if Mr. Adler had not helped me, I probably wouldn’t be going to college.” The guidance department can often be criticized by students who are stressed, but many students do not realize the amount of work the counselors put in in order to help their students get into college.

Stress is often increased based on the number of schools a student is applying to. Calixte said she was applying to three schools while other seniors said they were applying to six and eight schools. When asked to rate how stressed they were on a 1-10 scale, one senior said, “8, I know I’m going to get into college, but applying for loans and scholarships is hard because my dad never went to college, so I’m on my own for most of the process.” Two other seniors gave a 10, citing the daily stress they feel even when they finish things. The general consensus has been that even when applications are completed a new level of stress will appear in the form of waiting for acceptance letters. 

As deadlines approach, counselors offer checklists for the CommonApp, transcripts, and sending SAT scores to help keep students on track. The guidance department also offers help during some activity Thursdays and recommends students make appointments if they have specific questions about college applications or scholarships. Specific requirements and deadlines for scholarships can be found on Naviance under colleges and scholarships. For students who just need to chill out, the Zen Room is open for students to take a break. Applying to college can be a long and stressful process, but the school provides resources for students to relieve some of that pressure.