Let’s Take a Stroll Down Miner Lane

Elijah Morosky

Miner Lane is a short, dead end road that most people only pull on to for CVS, Ocean State Job Lot, or to go to the school. Unbeknownst to some, the road harbors some of the stranger businesses and locations in town. Even before you pass the school entrance, it is evident that Miner Lane is no typical Waterford Road. There is an exit, but not an entrance, to Aldis. There is a pathway to Ocean State Job Lot. There is Waterford Animal Hospital. However, the road only gets weirder from there.


Waterford Animal Hospital

The first stop on the street after CVS. Online reviews are either one-star or five-star reviews. Many people seem to love Dr. Agrawal, but an animal hospital is not the sort of place you necessarily want to be taking your chances with. Overall, the reviews for Waterford Animal Hospital are very positive, though, and the five-star reviews outweigh the one-star reviews in frequency. 


Waterford Parc

A new development that is currently under construction, Waterford Parc is a luxury apartment complex that is projected to be finished some time during spring 2020. It will have 72 apartment units by the time of completion, half of which will be 1-bedroom apartments, the other half being 2-bedroom apartments. The complex promises to provide a Fitness Center, Business Center, Recreation Room, fire pit with gas grills and “social gathering areas” such as a clubhouse. Additionally, there will be a private nature trail off of the complex that will provide running, walking, and cycling opportunities. There is even a dog park. The developers emphasize their desire to implement natural aspects into the complex, leaving as much as possible of the existing woods. The future residents of Waterford Parc will surely find Miner Lane to be welcoming and accommodating. It’s only a short walk to CVS, Stop and Shop, Smoothie King, Subway, and the dump.


Recycling Station

Open Monday-Saturday 7am – 5pm.


Train tracks

Be careful, drive slow, heed signs. However, there is a small area next to the train tracks where you can pull over and watch trains go by, if that’s your sort of thing. The tracks run between Boston and New York, so you can watch people more important than you travel by. Additionally, if you are to walk on the train tracks (which is dangerous, illegal, and discouraged) in the direction of Millstone, reputable sources claim that you will indeed be stopped by a guard well before you make it to the nuclear power plant. 


Secchiaroli Pig Farm

You’re often able to smell it before you see it. In fact, on a warm day when the wind is blowing the right way, you can easily smell the Secchiaroli Pig Farm from the school. On a more advisable day, however, you can drive by and see the pigs. You can also contact the Secchiarolis and purchase some meat.


Waterford Mountain

The former Waterford transfer station, commonly referred to as Waterford Mountain, is a well-surveilled, no-trespassing mound of dirt that looks terribly fun to climb up. 


Road to Pepperbox

Little-known fact, Miner Lane is not a dead end road. Near the cul-de-sac, there is an extended driveway that leads to Pepperbox Road. However, be forewarned that this passage is private and presumably used only by those who live on it. If you do not heed these warnings, the author of this article will respectfully say from personal experience that you may actually be stopped along the way.