Places Around Waterford – Crossword Puzzle

Owen Seltzer, Layout Editor


1. Movie theater located on Cross Road

3. Plaza that contains Best Buy and Panera

5. Large hill near Jordan Village

6. Company that owns the nuclear power plant located in Waterford

7. Credit Union located next to Planet Fitness

8. Road going from town hall directly into Niantic

9. One of two recently closed elementary schools

10. Fire department closest to Great Neck Elementary School

13. Nursing home off of Vauxhall Street Ext.

14. Geometric shape containing a playground and library

15. Road connecting Little League Fields to Spera Field



2. Playwright to whom a theater center is dedicated

4. Park across the street from the middle school

9. Social services organization located adjacent to a large state park

11. Diner chain a short walk from the high school

12. Place that used to house tuberculosis patients