Help Wanted?

Katy Scullion, Reporter

In March 2020 the Corona Virus outbreak affected the United States in many different ways. We isolated ourselves, and when we did have to leave our homes we began to wear masks. One of the most difficult things that changed was people being let go from work permanently. With reopening happening, there should be plenty of jobs willing to hire, such as Ulta, Spirit, and Michael’s. So what’s the difference between then and now? What should you expect? 

Because of covid, paper applications are almost obsolete. Most stores like Spirit and Hot Topic have their applications online. Some places, like Forever 21, still do paper applications that you can ask for in the store. 

When going to an interview, not much has changed. According to Trinity Field, a teen who was hired at Pet Supplies Plus in mid-July, She just “went in the store and asked for an application, filled it out and brought it back to the store and waited for them to call me and then they called me and they interviewed me and I got hired.” An employee at FYE said that the hiring process hasn’t changed since the pandemic started. 

However, an employee at Forever 21 said many things during interviews have changed. For starters, there’s the expectation of standing six feet apart and with masks on. With CDC guidelines, they can no longer interview in a back room and often do it in front of the store.

With many adults being fired in March and April, it may be difficult to get a job. Though most jobs don’t care about your age after you’ve turned 16, they do care about your ability. Going up against an adult is not easy. They can work more hours and they have more experience. When asked about who would most likely be hired, an adult or a teen, at Hot Topic said an adult, due to “more open hours and better access to get here.”  

When it comes to getting a job not much has changed since the pandemic. So remember to wear your mask, dress nice, and try your best at those interviews.