Waterford’s 2021 Goals

Marquis Brisbane, Reporter

It was a very rough 2020 because of coronavirus (COVID-19) and now we are in a new year with new goals. People need to be increasingly safe about their goals for the new year. As the rates for Covid-19 increase in Waterford, students and teachers are planning accordingly. Although they are taking these precautions, Waterford is still thinking of their 2021 goals!

Jaelynn Barnes is a sophomore at WHS. She says her new year’s resolution is to spend more time with her family. Jaelynn explains since the pandemic started “I have been staying in my room a lot and being on my phone longer than I should.  I decided that I needed a break from being in my room and on my phone since it’s the only thing I do. I do think this goal can be achieved because I know that I can limit myself from doing those things. Jaelynn says she can achieve her resolution by joining family game night and watching movies with her family.

Ms. Bartek, a teacher at WHS, wants to get to the gym on a more consistent basis.  The goal is to get there at least four times a week for her new year’s resolution. Ms. Bartek says, “I want to feel better physically.” Ms. Bartek explains why this is her new year goal because quarantine was difficult for her, like many others: “During quarantine, I did not make healthy food choices and because the gym was shut down, stopped being as active as I usually am.” Ms. Bartek says that she can achieve this because she has already made active steps to eat better and to attend the gym 3-4 times a week. She also says she’ll “Make sure to make “me” time” and schedule gym days ahead of time because I have such a hectic schedule with three jobs.  If I plan ahead, I am more likely to get to the gym.”

Zac Gamble is a junior at WHS. Zac says his goal is to work out at least six days a week. He explains why: “especially without sports, it’s more important than ever to stay active. I find that it not only gives me something to do, but something to look forward to every day.” Zac says, “This summer I started to lift and work out far more often. I found that it made me feel great, both mentally and physically. Keeping up with my mental health is so important nowadays, so this is the perfect remedy.” He says he can definitely do this; it is a reasonable goal. He continues: “I’d encourage all kids my age to work out a few days each week. Once you start seeing results, motivation becomes that so much easier to find.” He does mention that the only thing necessary to achieve his goal is to set aside a reasonable amount of time each day (which is easier than ever!)

What’s your goal for 2021? Feel free to share in the comments below!