Oliver Tree Ugly Is Beautiful review


Oliver Tree Nickell is an American singer-songwriter whohas been making songs since 2017. He is also a rapper, comedian, and filmmaker from Santa Cruz, California. He was born on June 29, 1993. Since July 17, 2020, Oliver Tree has been producing new songs for an album titled Ugly Is Beautiful, which has received a four and half star review on Google reviews. The top five songs of his album are listed below:

1. “Hurt”: 43 million views on YouTube

This is Oliver Tree’s most popular song. Although it was released on December 7, 2018, it was added to the album Ugly Is Beautiful along with a few older songs. The meaning behind this has been questionable since Oliver Tree said it was about a scooter accident he had where he was left with a few broken bones. The song can be perceived that way, but it also seems to have two other meanings. One about the effort put into a relationship and another about how no matter where you are in society your entire life can change in one week. Oliver Tree said this himself in his Genius interview; he gave his own example pointing out how one week he was sleeping on his friends’ couch and the next he was living in a penthouse.

  1. “Let Me Down”: 23 million views on YouTube

This is Oliver Tree’s second most popular song in his album and this one is an apology to fans of his music. The context behind this song was that he was sorry about the delay of his album due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The song was released April 7, 2020.

  1. “Miracle Man”: 22 million views on YouTube

This is Oliver Tree’s third most popular song. Like “Hurt,” this was originally released on June 7, 2019 but was added to the Ugly Is Beautiful album. In his Genius interview he says that the song was also based on how he almost lost his life in a scooter accident when he was 18, and how it was a miracle he lived through it all. He says the song was also focusing on not sitting around waiting for a miracle and instead going out and making your future.

  1. “Alien Boy”: 18 million views on YouTube

“Alien Boy” is Oliver tree’s fourth most popular song and it was released on September 6, 2018. Like the others added to the most recent album, this song became well known due to its popularity on Tik Tok. In this song the artist tries to depict himself as an alien on earth who ends up becoming successful.

  1. “Cash Machine”: 17 million views on YouTube

“Cash Machine” is the fifth most popular song. It was released December 6, 2019. Oliver depicts people in this song talking about people who can purchase as their heart desires. He says they buy things in response to their flaws in order to feel better about themselves.