Spring Fashion 2021


Alexandra Silva, Editor

Discovering one’s individual fashion sense is typically a difficult task that will not happen right away. Waterford High School is full of unique individual styles, and all these styles can generally be grouped into several categories. Lindsey Johnson, the fashion design teacher at WHS, has recognized the importance of high school students discovering what style works best for them. She encourages students to experiment with different styling techniques and to “make sure you’re exploring every option and trying a whole lot of styles until you find what’s comfortable for you.”

Ms. Johnson stresses the importance of knowing the elements of design, the more important element being balance, which is typically also learned in art classes. “If you think of styling as in if I have a tight shirt, my shirt can be a little baggy… and so getting that visual balance.” 


The boho trend has been a popular style since the ’70s, originating from classic French interior design and romantic Rococo design. This style is now seemingly more popular, as people on TikTok are coming out with more boho-inspired looks. The boho style typically includes pieces of clothing that are long and flowing, usually with natural earth-like colors. To style a boho-inspired outfit, loose hanging jewelry can be paired with a long sleeve shirt and skirt set. 


There are many different understandings of the indie style, much of which nowadays is inspired by TikTok. Generally, the indie style takes the form of retro-inspired looks with layered patterns and bright colors. Creating an indie style is relatively easy and cheap, for it typically includes minimal brand names and more of a focus on purchases from recycled and thrifted clothing. Aside from any local thrift shops, Tumbleweeds in Niantic Connecticut is popular for anyone interested in trying out what is considered the “indie” style. 


Minimalistic styling is not only popular in fashion design, but typically a foundation for interior design. To style minimalistic clothing, it is best to use neutral and earthy tones, with either a monochromatic approach or layered. Any WHS students looking to shop locally for minimalistic clothing, Grace, in Niantic Connecticut has many styling options for the minimal look.