Spring sports season starts!


Axel Bergeson, Reporter

The spring sports season has just started as of March 27th and lots of people are returning to school in order to play in the sports. The season started on the same day that boy’s swimming had their ECC tournament, causing a bit of a struggle for the beginning of the spring season.

The swimmers will be moving to a variety of different sports. Junior Max Whitlock said, “I will be doing tennis because I did freshman year and missed my sophomore season.” Freshman Paul Deon wants to try out a few sports to entertain him this school year and will be playing lacrosse for the first time. Junior Liam Pickett will also be playing lacrosse: “I have been playing it for almost my entire life.” While other swimmers will be moving on to track, most of the swim team will be starting lacrosse now.

None of the athletes were worried about the quick switch between sports. Max explained, “I think the switch will work really well, I’ll have my stamina from swim.” Max worked very hard this swim season and did very well this year using the energy he gained from that he will definitely do well this tennis season. Paul said, “I think it’ll be good as I know some of the people there.”

Liam gave a very good answer saying “the switch between sports will be difficult because swimming and lacrosse are two entirely different sports. However, I have done this before in the past and I believe that within a week I will be fine”

The second to last question asked to all the boys was Don’t you want a break after this challenging winter season?

Max’s response came with no surprise saying “Don’t need a break, gotta keep moving and use this good weather” Max definitely seems like the kind of person to constantly push himself harder and harder so this response was expected

Paul said “yes I want a break after this season” which supposedly means he wants a break after spring season. Who knows if he will do winter next year?

Liam responded to the question saying “Yes, I would like a break but I like doing sports and activities because I find that I am much more productive and better at time management skills” which is the response that was expected from Liam

The final question asked to all the boys was how do you believe your season will go?

Max seemed to have a interest in it saying, “I think this season will be interesting, we have covid going around and there aren’t too many kids on the team” how unfortunate for the tennis team but they will still try their hardest

Paul said he has good faith in this seasons s he said “I think this season will in fact go good” he seems to have a lot of faith in his team and their work

Liam’s response was quite sweet complementing the team saying, “I believe that the season will go well because we have a lot of good players returning from the previous year.”

With all these questions aside it seems like everyone will enjoy their spring season sports and we wish them the best season!