Waterford High School is getting an Updated Dress Code


There is a new updated dress code arriving at Waterford High School. The dress code policy is put in place into school to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in the learning/working environment. But when it comes to everyone’s feelings towards the policy, the answers and explanations can vary. Some might say they like the dress code, others will say they didn’t even know we had a dress code, and some will even say that they feel uncomfortable with the dress code.

A committee met over the summer to discuss the new and updated dress code policy. When asked to give details on the new policy, committee member Ethan Delgrosso stated “the new dress code is an adaptation to society.” Also then proceeded to speak more on the topic by saying things such as “ we as a society can’t force students to dress in a way that doesn’t even fit the world they are exposed to and the clothes they’re sold.” and “Today people dress much more casually for work and life in general.” He and the committee worked very hard and together over the summer in order to make sure the new dress code was inclusive, fair, and easy to understand. Issues such as sexism and racism have been taken into consideration for the dress code as well. “The new dress code’s importance is that it doesn’t target any one group. Something we identified in the past dress code were trends of racism and sexism.” They also considered not only making sure that there was equality among all groups in the school, they made sure that no one got the short end of the stick so to say.  The dress code will allow girls to dress more freely and for boys to be able to wear hats and be less likely to get dress-coded because of it.

But on the other hand, dress codes and peers in the past have caused a lot of discomfort regarding how someone dresses. A young woman interviewed stated the saying “Boys will be boys.” She says it with such annoyance to her tone, she then proceeded to speak on an experience she had. “ They said they could see ‘too much’ when it didn’t show anything at all.” Another female student had the same experience but with a teacher, as she spoke on it the pain could be heard all through her voice and seen strongly in her eyes. “ I wore a cropped shirt that barely showed my stomach and a boy made a comment on it, so I went to my favorite teacher and all they said to me was ‘ Maybe you shouldn’t wear that shirt, it is too short’.” She then spoke about the fact that she got a dress coded when she was hoping for comfort.

Teachers are even included in the past and the updated dress code. They used to have to dress more proper but now you will see teachers wearing jeans and t-shirts, while loosening the dress code for students they also wanted to make sure teachers felt comfortable as well. When asked “Is there anything you wish was different about the dress code policy?” Teacher, Erica Baumgartner responded with the short reply of “ I would like to see what it is and be asked my opinion.” Even though the dress code hasn’t been fully explained and announced to the school staff and student body, the committee and administration made sure that the dress code policy will be fair, inclusive, understanding, and up to date with the current state of the world.

We will be adapting to these changes in the near future of Waterford High School. It may not be perfect but we can hope to see better by its arrival.