Elective Election

Katelyn Tryon

You may be intimidated by the vast choice of classes you could take next semester, many people are- and reasonably so. Waterford High school provides a variety of elective courses to choose from, and at least one of them is bound to peak interest. Although reading a class description is a good way to find out more about the work you’d be doing, meeting a teacher during free time is a great way to learn more about their personal teaching style and the experience and expectations provided to the students! 


Discussing course selection with the upperclassmen who have lived through these classes is also another easy way to find out which activity you might enjoy trying out. So before getting too hasty about picking a class ASAP, why not take a minute to figure out how to spend time here at school for a less stressful and enjoyable block. There are hundreds of classmates, other students, and teachers who would probably be more than happy to talk about the types of activities they’ve learned from or taught within the past years. 


Nobody knows you quite like yourself, but you’d be surprised at what your interests might shift to if you tried out a different class outside of your comfort zone; Such as the life guarding class with Mrs. Gwuds, which is a really great bonding and learning experience if swimming activities and possibly becoming lifeguard certified is something that seems interesting. The tech ed classes with Mr. Bono are also popular choices from the students, such as Woodworking or Auto Mechanics, both of which are very hands-on and interactive for the majority of the time spent there. 


There are also some really well-produced art or design classes that WHS has to provide. This list includes: Photography, Fashion Design, Contemporary Crafts, and many more. These activities are also very active and productive for the students, all while learning the skills needed to produce intricate pieces of art. If you enjoy solo projects and independence then a class similar to any of those listed previously would suit you and your interests well. With the structure and guidance of the teacher, students are able to work independently with creative freedom and the assistance of the instructor.